Agricultural Import Restrictions
At Jonyspark, our goal is always to ship your order quickly and efficiently, without delay. While we pride ourselves on researching and accommodating import regulations, it is ultimately the importer's (customer's) responsibility for knowing and adhering to agricultural import requirements specific to the country of importation.

To ensure the fastest possible fulfillment of your order, please check with your Ministry of Agriculture for information related to necessary permits or documents. Jony Park cannot be responsible for confiscated items, delayed orders, duties, or taxes. We further reserve the right to deny shipment of any order without the required, proper documentation.

To check whether we can export to your location, please see our List of Countries We Ship To. Again, please note that we cannot guarantee that the information in the list is fully up-to-date, and you are encouraged to contact your Ministry of Agriculture for current information on the specific products you wish to import.

Import Permits
If an import permit is required, you must obtain one from your Ministry of Agriculture.

All documents must bear official seals of the Ministry of Agriculture and must be accompanied by an English translation.

Once the import permit is obtained (if required), we can determine whether the ordered seed can meet the stated requirements.

Orders processing time: 2-3 Business Days.

Shipping times do not include weekends and holidays:

Standard Shipping

- Worldwide Shipping ~ 9 to 18 business days.

Express Shipping

Worldwide Shipping ~ 6 to 15 business days.

We will choose the best logistics according to the customers in different countries, so the format of the order tracking number is different in each country.
To ensure that each customer can check the tracking information of the order in a timely and accurate manner, please check the page of ORDER STATUS